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The Story


"why English is my first language"

Born in The Netherlands, raised in Australia and back living in NL since 1990.

They say where you spend your youth is what you call home. That may or may not be true, but part of me will always be Aussie. My siblings still all live there. Fortunately through so many media sources staying in touch is much easier than 40 years ago.

There is so much I would love to share in English. And who knows, one of my top of the list goals is to have my books published in English. For now though I have for you "Food From Indonesia".

Click on the link below and find a wide range of information and recipes, from my kitchen to yours!


Food from Indonesia

"from my kitchen to yours"


As a Dutch-Indonesian, cooking and sharing food is ingrained. It is part of our heritage, the back-bone of our Indo culture. There is not a Indo gathering anytime, anywhere, when food is not shared. And it is precisely this that is the driving force behind my culinary activities to this day. 

The traditional Indonesian and Dutch-Indonesian food culture is a gift to be shared and passed down to generations to come. 

How fabulous would it be if my children and grandchildren can say "oh I make this just the way mum (or grandma) did".

Indonesian traditional making of sambal (chili sauce) with mortar and pestle made form sto
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